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Who We Are

MegaTech manufactures different types of mechanical systems for different industrial applications. We supply a comprehensive range of products including bulk material, dust filtration, mixing and vibration technology. We specialize in the manufacture of auger in different materials and sizes. Our products are designed and manufactured to guarantee efficient performance and durability to manufacturers, end users, distributors and suppliers. Our product range is durable, which reduces maintenance and equipment costs. Our conveyors are available in a variety of sizes, capacities and specifications. We also offer demand-oriented production according to customer needs and requirements. Our company has adopted the principle of being a solution partner to its customers. Customer satisfaction and our customer-oriented projects are our priority. Thanks to our ongoing research and development activities, we offer all necessary solutions for our customers. All equipment used has been checked and tested during the production phase. Our success is entirely based on customer…


To design, produce and complete safe high-quality and cost-effective projects, to comply with the work programs agreed with our customers, to help Mega Tech employees' career development while carrying out all these.


To be one of the best and innovative companies that direct the sector among the engineering and machinery companies serving around the world.

Our Values

In the light of Science, Unity, Success, with all our units that are educated, have a high sense of belonging, are open to all developments based on science, and value information sharing and the spirit of unity, we perceive the needs of our consumers, our internal and foreign customers in a quick and accurate way, and we do our business with an agile, proactive and innovative approach in meeting their changing expectations for better consumption.

Our Quality Policy

As a company operating in the machinery industry,

  • To produce innovative solutions and to present these solutions to the sector
  • To protect our users and to offer them the easiest solutions
  • To finish our production with high performance, which will help our business partners to find solutions quickly
  • To offer low costs to our consumers by producing quality products is one of our main efforts.

Our Documents

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